About Us

Great business relationships, quality of design and passion for creativity.

More than just designers, our team has proven marketing expertise that comes from working on all sides of the advertising industry – giving us the real-world experience and insight needed to create impactful designs that work. 


Some of the brands we have worked with include:


  • Solv Solutions

  • Gold Industry Group

  • Adventure World

  • Women in Mining

  • INX

Meet Chris

Senior Designer & VR Developer


As Senior Designer at The Brand Foundry, Chris has a wealth of experience in a variety of design disciplines, from Graphic Design and Digital Advertising to Visual Effects and immersive Virtual Reality content development. He has attained experience in several Australian advertising and production agencies, and from working with international clients in Asia and the UK. Chris has brought those skills with him to The Brand Foundry, so that he may assist our clients in reaching their full growth and strategy goals.


Some of the design skills that Chris has picked up along the way range from typesetting and identity design to 3D modelling, rigging, rendering and audio enhancement. He has worked with clients from a diverse set of industries including retail, travel, humanitarian, oil & gas, mining, and finance.


Some of his previous clients included:


  • ComplianceAsia

  • Pressure Dynamics

  • Seven West Media


His postgraduate studies included utilising immersive technologies to enhance ambient advertising, which gives him an edge in seeing advertising and brand development from a different and future-proof perspective. Chris’ extensive knowledge of design and 3D software packages allows him to work seamlessly with the in-house creative teams of our clients on a diverse range of projects.

Meet Juli

Founder & Head of Design


Founder of The Brand Foundry, Juli brings an extensive level of experience in the graphic design, advertising and marketing sectors to our clients. Having worked for a number of renowned French-Canadian advertising agencies in Montreal, she then gained further experience in communications and marketing across both Canada and Australia before taking the leap and starting The Brand Foundry here in Perth.


Working for and alongside some of the biggest and most influential companies in both Canada and Australia, Juli’s roles spanned from brand management and graphic design to advertising and marketing.


Some of her career highlights included:


  • RedBull Canada

  • Cirque du Soleil

  • Dale Alcock Homes

  • Advanced Personnel Management


With wide-ranging experience and qualifications, Juli’s level of expertise is almost unmatched in the graphic design field, giving her the advantage of viewing the industry from all points of view.


Her marketing background has included the development and implementation of high-level business strategies, which has given her a true understanding of a client’s business objectives and how the look and feel of their brand can influence their growth and position in their industry. 


Jo, Web Developer

Jo is our digital strategy expert and is able to create beautiful online platforms including e-commerce solutions. She assists us with UX design, web development, data analytics and quality assurance. Jo is also heavily involved in the Information & Technology industry and the WordPress community in Perth and abroad.

Cindy, Copywriter

Cindy has a strong marketing background and accurately designs the voice of a brand through copywriting. Her comprehensive knowledge of SEO enables her copy to be expertly worded and expertly efficient. Cindy has worked with a diverse range of industries - from retail to sports - and a variety of projects - from tagline to corporate brochure to full website overhaul copy.

Lisa, E-Mail Marketer

Lisa is our email marketing specialist and database professional. Her technical knowledge is beyond enviable and she is fluent in multiple email and CRM platforms. Some of her greatest strengths are in providing and establishing efficient database management, group subscribers and streamline processes to maximise the reach and capabilities of our client's messages.

Kyle, Photographer

Kyle is an accomplished photographer with a special talent for corporate portraiture, events and business photography. His highly developed emotional intelligence enables him to capture the true essence of every person and moment he finds in front of his camera. Kyle is dedicated to his craft and always gets the right hero shot, and delivers only material of the highest quality.

Olivia, Videographer

From social media teasers, to commercial advertisements and engaging website content, Olivia specialises in utilising stunning videography to connect brands with customers. Her engagement with us includes concept development and planning, production, editing and audio content licensing. Olivia's work showcases her genuine passion in communicating her subjects' story.

We can help you maximise brand recognition, increase customer engagement and boost lead generation with smart, expertise-driven design.