About Us


Meet our team

More than just designers, our team has proven marketing expertise that comes from working on all sides of the advertising industry – giving us the real-world experience and insight needed to create impactful designs that work. 

Some of the brands we have worked with include:

Building, Property and Real Estate 


  • 3StoneBuildings

  • ACTON Real Estate

  • Custom Built New Homes

  • Focus West Property

  • INKA

  • Maarch* Architects

  • Miraplex Group

  • Pulse Property Group

  • Willing Property


​Mining and Engineering


  • Westgold Resources

  • Cube Consulting

  • Gold Industry Group

  • Women in Mining



  • Business Station

Medical and Health 


  • Concept Fertility Centre

  • Perth Healthcare Centre

Tourism and Hospitality


  • Adventure World

  • Steve's Pub

  • Tourism Rockingham

Jewellery and Luxury Resources 


  • Lindendale Diamonds

  • Millenium Kapital

Softwares and IT 


  • Solv Systems

  • INX



Juli Bellinge

Founder & Head of Design

Juli’s extensive level of experience spans across graphic design, advertising, brand management and marketing. She has worked for and alongside some of Canada and Australia’s most influential companies and eventually took the leap and started The Brand Foundry. 


Some of her career highlights include:

  • RedBull Canada

  • Cirque du Soleil

  • Dale Alcock Homes

  • Advanced Personnel Management


Her marketing background has included the development and implementation of high-level business strategies, which has given her a true understanding of a client’s business objectives and how the look and feel of their brand can influence their growth and position in their industry. 


Chris Plunkett

Senior Designer & VR Developer


Chris has a wealth of experience in a variety of design disciplines, from Graphic Design and Digital Advertising to Visual Effects and immersive Virtual Reality content development. He has attained experience in several Australian advertising and production agencies, and from working with international clients in Asia and the UK.


Some of his previous clients include:

  • ComplianceAsia

  • Pressure Dynamics

  • Seven West Media


His postgraduate studies included utilising immersive technologies to enhance ambient advertising, which gives him an edge in seeing advertising and brand development from a future-proof perspective. Chris’ extensive knowledge of design and 3D software packages allows him to work seamlessly with the in-house creative teams of our clients on a diverse range of projects.


Katie Jenkins

Marketing & Content Manager


Katie is The Brand Foundry’s Marketing specialist and has extensive experience in marketing strategy, brand management and end-to-end brand marketing, including through-the-line marketing communications, digital marketing and social media. 


Some of her career highlights include:

  • Unilever South Africa

  • British American Tobacco South Africa

  • BOS Ice Tea

Her corporate marketing experience has included the development and implementation of marketing strategies as well as the reporting thereof which has proven invaluable in assisting clients meet their marketing objectives. Furthermore, Katie has completed postgraduate studies in Business Sustainability Management and is equipped to assist brands in developing practical sustainability marketing plans to promote sustainable brands.

What sets us apart

At The Brand Foundry, while we pride ourselves in providing an end-to-end service that leverages traditional marketing touchpoints, we also like to do things differently so that your brand can be as future-proof as possible.

We apply innovative, immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, to enhance ambient advertising, providing your brands with a competitive edge. We also believe in the power of environmentally and socially sustainable brands and have a team trained in Business Sustainability to assist in developing marketing strategies which can identify and promote your brand’s sustainability story.

We can help you maximise brand recognition, increase customer engagement and boost lead generation with smart, expertise-driven design.