Mixed Reality


At The Brand Foundry, we offer a wide variety of immersive experiences to help you connect your brand with customers in a meaningful way. We can assist you in planning and executing Mixed Reality experiences for visualisation and training purposes, or interactive brand engagement. We offer both Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, depending on the needs of your brand.


Virtual Reality

From interactive and informative games to architectural visualisation and training simulations, we can help you plan and deliver your next Virtual Reality experience. Boost engagement with your brand by utilising the immersive power of VR.

Architectural Visualisation

With a strong background in the building industry, our team have a unique insight into the needs of home buyers and commercial property developers - so you benefit from branding expertise unlike that of any other VR or tech company in the market.


3D Design

From product visualisations and renders to engaging 3D Social media posts that utilise the power of glTF, we offer a wide variety of 3D design and motion graphics services that can help your brand effectively engage with your market.