Create an enticing display, showroom or shopfront

Your business may be providing more than just its listed services. For instance, if you’re a building company, you build homes, but you also may have display homes to showcase your craft. If you’re a car dealer, you sell cars, but the space in which you display the cars has just as significant of an impact on how consumers perceive your brand. If you sell furniture, you likely have catalogues and a great e-commerce site – but what about your shopfront? How can we help you create more engaging spaces for your visitors? The key is in understanding how your audience feels. Here’s a clue;

“87% of consumers are driven by release; The escape from daily life, using experiences to help cope with societal pressure, demands, and stressors.” (GMR Marketing)

Knowing this, you can then design a space and create an experience for your audiences that will tick this box. We provide here some ideas to create more engaging experiences for consumers that will enhance their next experience with your brand, whether it’s through a display opening, showroom, marketing, or shopfront design.

Switch on your brand experience by stimulating all 5 senses

Experiences create memories and facilitate connections. When planning for your next display launch, think about how you can turn it into a true experience by engaging your visitors’ senses – and get them to soak it all in! Could you organise a live demonstration relevant to your brand or the theme of your space? Or provide hands-on experience by making people touch and feel different elements in the space? Could you play music that would embrace the theme of the space? If you are launching a new display home, could you have cookies baking in the oven to increase the ‘homely feel’? If you are preparing a showroom or shopfront, could you use enticing lights to convey a mood?

Make it easy and interesting with wayfinding signage

Obviously, appropriate wayfinding is necessary to guide customers to your door. But it shouldn’t stop there. You can provide more value by using the space to provide information to your visitors, as they go through your display or space. If you are a building company, why not have subtle glass plaques on the walls of the displays explaining the design rationale of the room – like a museum! If you have a showroom or shopfront you can incorporate information about your products as part of the design.

Don’t forget your party bag!

Make sure your visitors don't leave empty-handed. Leave your signature by providing them with a professional publication explaining your business and your services. Make sure the content, the imagery, the layout and the stock represent your business and values. Think of the content but the container too!

And finally, get their feedback

No marketing initiative is worth it without capturing your audience’s feedback. It’s the only way to improve your experiences moving forward. You can send your visitors a quick survey via email, or simply keep a record of the feedback as people are exiting your space.

In summary, we think it’s possible to make your business spaces more memorable by creatively turning them into an experience. At The Brand Foundry, we are more than just designers, we work with you to create brand experiences that create a positive impact!

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