Design Trend Predictions for 2022

Techniques and style trends shaping the industry for the upcoming year

As we look ahead to the new year, there are plenty of graphic design trends that are expected to be big in 2022. Whether you are looking to be inspired or pick up some new graphic design ideas, read on for some of the design trends predicted for 2022.

1. 90s nostalgia

Retro is making a comeback and, more specifically, the 90s are expected to dominate the design landscape in 2022. Cue Memphis design patterns, bright colour blocks and simple emojis. This trend represents familiarity, comfort, and minimalism.

2. Japandi

Japandi, a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design principles and aesthetics, exploded in the interior design space over 2021 and is now expected to cascade to graphic design in 2022. This trend blends minimalism and rustic and is synonymous with soothing palettes, natural textures, and minimal layouts.

3. Bold colour backgrounds

Contrary to the neutral, soothing palettes that will be applied in Japandi-inspired designs, some designs will be using strong, bold colour backgrounds to help visuals or minimal typography stand out. This trend should be used sparsely as over-use will have the opposite effect and can drown out information.

4. Eco-aesthetics

As shared in a previous article, Marketing Trend Predications for 2022, the pandemic triggered an increase in social responsibility and this trend is predicted to continue into the new year. As a result, brands are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into their business models and, subsequently, their products and branding, making way for eco-aesthetics, namely designs that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental activism.

Previously, this has typically been represented through all-green designs however this trend will take on a more stylish slant with the use of minimal icons and an overall cleaner, more authentic design.

5. Cyberpunk

With our ongoing fascination with internet culture and the rapid rise of the metaverse, there is no surprise that the Cyberpunk trend is expected to take centre-stage in 2022. This trend is defined by the use of unconventional graphic design layouts, digitally enhanced typography and neon vibrant colours, usually in combination with dark backgrounds

As you can see, the graphic design trends for 2022 draw inspiration from cultural changes and range from emotive 90s nostalgia design, Cyberpunk and application of bold colours to soothing minimalism through Japandi and Eco-aethetics.

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