Embracing Virtual Reality: Construction (Part One)

Since the release of consumer virtual reality (VR) headsets in 2015, virtual reality has transformed from something that only existed in video games to a growing asset for many industries from architecture to real estate, education, medicine, design and more.

"The global VR market is expected to grow to more than $12 billion by 2024. " (Statista)

Over the last decade, individuals have become increasingly familiar with 360-degree experiences and applications such as Google Maps Street view and online virtual tours such as those provided by the Vatican Museum.

Virtual reality has also evolved considerably since then. Rather than just a tool that provides users with an immersive experience within an enclosed spherical space, businesses can now create virtual reality experiences with full sensory immersion that elevates their brand and drives customer engagement.


Within the construction space, a virtual home can be designed and accurately portrayed without the need to be physically present – a much better option compared to the past when customers were forced to sign off on a home design based on a floor plan, simple rendering or illustration.

With a virtual home, instead of waiting to achieve 50% of the sales of the building to get approval, prospects can be shown home designs virtually to help them make an informed decision… and try before they buy!

Some aspects that a virtual home can come with (to allow prospective buyers to look at) include:

  • A fully immersive and to-scale virtual reality experience that prospects can fully move through, interact with, and explore before buying.

  • A view of their virtual home, along with what the surrounding neighbourhood would potentially look like – a window into their future space.

  • Specially created high-quality fixtures and finishes for surfaces of the virtual home.

  • 3D furniture sets that can be picked for the spaces of the virtual home.

  • 3D props and custom styling that enables the virtual home to be staged just like a display home.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, our talented developers have put together a virtual home that you can freely move through, explore and interact with. With virtual reality, project builders, property builders and their customers will be able to experience the home even before its built.

Take a look at the virtual home below:

Create your own virtual home If you’d like to create a virtual home such as this one to drive engagement with your customers and offer them an intimate and personalised experience unlike any other, book a demo here.

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