How to know if you are due for a rebrand.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

There are several factors that may contribute towards a company deciding that it’s time to rebrand. Perhaps the company is no longer perceived as relevant by their target market, or perhaps they wish to reach out to an entirely new market. Maybe they wish to breathe new life into their outdated branding. But how do you know when it is time for your company to rebrand? Sometimes you can tell something is missing or that your brand communications aren’t quite as coherent as they should be. We have found some of the more obvious reasons for you to consider that it’s time to rebrand.

When you come to the point that you have multiple items of marketing collateral that don’t match.

This is perhaps one of the more obvious signs that it is time for your company to rebrand. When the overall look and feel of your company has become hard to decipher from the conflicting styles present within your marketing collateral, it is time to establish consistent design across all future marketing materials. Some of the more subtle aspects of this could be that you find yourself working with a larger array of colours than you started with, and you are finding it difficult to determine the correct applications of each. Perhaps you find yourself constantly breaking your brand guidelines to suit new business needs.

You have experienced a significant growth in your business.

Experiencing a significant growth in your business is often a good sign that your marketing have been effective. But what happens when you reach the point that your company has expanded from that small start-up initiative to a moderately sized corporate enterprise? Often your branding and marketing design will need to be updated to reflect this growth - do you still want to be perceived as a small-scale local operation, or would you rather that your current and future clients see you as an established and experienced company? Take our client Solv Solutions for example; after 10 years in business they hired us to perform a complete overhaul of their brand in order to make a bold statement of their growth and success - and to position themselves as the right choice for their now client QANTAS. They had also reached the point that their team had grown significantly in size, and they were now offering two more products at the same scale as their entire initial business operations. This resulted in Solv Solutions being established as a parent brand, with the creation of their sub-brands; Solv Health, Solv Safety and Solv Injury. As such, each brand was given its own identifying colour scheme, which helped to distinguish the different marketing materials of each brand, whilst still adhering to the overall brand guidelines.

You are trying to break into a new market.

Your company’s branding may be spot-on for your current target market. But what happens when you reach out to a new and different market? In most cases, you will need to revisit some aspects of your brand, or you may find that the new market does not engage with your brand effectively - particularly if you are expanding into an overseas market. In these instances, particular care needs to be taken when selecting colours and brand imagery, as colour meanings and associations can vary significantly between cultures. Sometimes a new name needs to be chosen for an overseas market too - for example, Sprite is called Xuebi in China because the original name wasn’t fit for that market. Whereas Xuebi is much more memorable to the local population as the name is comprised of two relevant Chinese words; Xue translates to snow, and Bi translates to blue-green.

Regardless of whether you are seeking uniform design across your marketing collateral, or you are trying to breathe new life into a tired and outdated brand, take the opportunity to publicly launch your rebrand! Even the most amazing rebrand you have ever undertaken could be wasted if you fail to properly launch it and announce it to the world - particularly if you are breaking into a new market.

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