It’s time for our brand overhaul - what do we need?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

So you’ve identified that your company may be in dire need of some brand revitalisation. But what exactly does your brand need? The answer may vary significantly depending on what you are trying to achieve. If your brandmark has become dated and looks out of place on your modern stationery and marketing materials, it is likely that you only need a few tweaks to your logo. But if you are trying to expand into a new market you may need to give every aspect of your visual identity a total refreshment. We have outlined a list of visual identity components that you may need to consider, and the situations in which you may need to refresh them.


This is the most obvious and publicly visible aspect of your company’s visual identity. It may not necessarily need to be changed if it is appropriate to your target market, or if you just require a new look and feel to your other marketing materials. Changes to a company’s logo during a rebrand can range from a few minor tweaks or a new typeface, to a complete overhaul that more accurately reflects the vision and mission of the company. If you are trying to breathe new life into an outdated brand, this is the first place to start.

Printed Marketing Materials

After the logo, this is the next most publicly accessible aspect of your brand’s visual identity, and it is seen by both existing clients and potential new ones. These materials could range from brochures and magazine/newspaper advertisements to outdoor media such as billboards and bus stop advertising. Refreshing your printed marketing materials is a great way to reposition your brand for a new market, or to show off your brand’s new look and feel.

Digital Marketing Materials

Your company’s digital marketing materials can include items such as your website, digital advertisements and your social media banners. A website overhaul can be a huge and expensive project on its own. However, if your company’s website is contributing to the outdated look and feel of your brand, it is definitely worth revisiting. This could range from a full redesign and new visual appeal, to an update of your imagery and visual identity. Any significant changes made to your company’s website should also be reflected on your social media banners in order to preserve consistency.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

If your business operates out of a brick and mortar location, then you will almost certainly have to update your outdoor signage when going through a brand revitalisation. Any changes to your brand identity will need to be reflected here - from your new logo to your new colour scheme. A new coat of paint and some updated signage can also significantly alter the appearance of your business. Take our client Perth Healthcare Centre for example; after acquiring their new East Perth location, they hired us to apply the brand we created for them to really personify their building. As you may be experiencing less foot traffic through your premises, or if your premises are closed to the public entirely, there has never been a better time to work on the physical face of your business!


The common list of stationery includes items such as your company’s business cards, letterhead, invoice and email signatures. These items are usually seen frequently by those who interact with your business, as a first point of contact or in routine communications. You will always need to update them when changing your company logo in order to reflect the revitalisation of your company in a timely manner. Alternatively these items can be revised semi-regularly to ensure your brand stays fresh - just make sure that they maintain consistency with the rest of your brand’s visual identity.

In some cases, a brand revitalisation can be as simple as a few minor tweaks to a company’s logo and promotional materials. But in many instances, a bit more consideration into the effectiveness of your company’s current visual identity may be in order. In either case, be sure to launch your new brand appropriately to ensure that your client base is aware of your transformation. Watch this space as we will be writing about ways to launch your brand very soon! Stay safe everyone :)

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