Key Strategies to Attract Prospective Clients in the Property Market

Standing out from the Crowd

For a business to stand-out from its competitors, it is crucial to establish its unique value proposition and how this is communicated through its brand story. This is even more important for those brands operating in property design, such as architecture, interior design or landscaping since one’s brand is an extension of one’s design. As a result, the way these brands look and communicate with their target audience is integral to their success.

Here are a few key marketing elements such brands can incorporate into their business strategies to attract, inspire and engage with potential and existing clients.

1.Be clear on your Value Proposition

One key measure of your business is what you offer that no other company in your industry offers. Some examples include number of years in experience or superior service based on reviews and google ratings. Once this has been identified, the question becomes how do you then tell this story?

2.Develop a cohesive brand identity

An inspiring brand needs to possess a cohesive brand identity, with enticing and consistent colours, fonts, and graphics. Tone of voice creates the audience’s perception of who you are, what you are about and what you can do. Your brand identity is so important to ensure you tell the right story to the right people at the right time.

3.Identify the marketing support tools

Once you have your value proposition and your brand identity in check, the next step is to identify which tools to use to engage with your audience. It is at this point the right tools in place can convert a prospect customer into a client.

In summary, the above key elements can help a business distinguish who they are, and what they want to be in the future.

At the Brand Foundry we can help you identify what set’s you apart and the support collateral you need to market your business.

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