Playing Our Part In Creating Sustainable Brands (Part One)

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Being a creative studio, we work with various clients around the state and country on their branding, design and marketing. Recently, we've had a think about how we can further minimise environmental impact, play our part in creating sustainable brands and help them to be more environmentally aware.

Eco-Friendly Touchpoints

As a creative agency, we help clients with various branding touchpoints from their packaging to their printing. Being more environmentally aware doesn’t have to be difficult and a little goes a long way. After speaking with Wayne, we’ve found ourselves constantly asking ourselves if there’re more efficient and sustainable ways to handle our practices. Just some of those considerations include;

1. Green Procurement

We can source from suppliers that sustainably produce their products and encourage existing suppliers to ship their products to us in less elaborate packaging to minimise wastage.

"Australians throw around 1.9 million tonnes of packaging each year." (Sustainability Victoria)

2. Sustainable Packaging

In the creative industry, we can encourage our clients to switch to green packaging, as it’s made from recycled waste material it’s not only better for the environment - it also requires fewer resources to produce.

3. Choosing the Right Inks and Coatings

We have the choice to use inks and coatings that produce little to no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions to minimise air pollution. Plant-based soy inks are also a good choice. Let’s be conscious of suggesting materials like soft-touch matte coatings and foils on business cards, as these coatings can’t be recycled and can actively contribute to microplastic pollution in the ocean.

Keep Things Local

When it comes to printing collateral for our clients, we should work exclusively with local reputable printers where possible. Printing locally helps with reducing greenhouse gases and mitigating air pollution. If our clients aren’t based locally, we should source for local printers in their area and liaise with them directly. As a bonus, it’ll also keeps money within their local economy!

It’s Time to Get Creative

As creatives, we highly value the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to sustainability.

With regards to content creation, we stay up to date with sustainability trends and work with our clients to brainstorm unique sustainability-based content that works for them. An excellent example of a company that has created sustainability blog content is Glasshouse Fragrances (a company that sells luxury candles and home fragrances). The content is both easy-to-read and engaging, and it revolves around repurposing their glasshouse fragrance jars.

Need a hand?

As a creative agency, it’s crucial that we play our part in creating sustainable brands. At The Brand Foundry, we believe in environmentally responsible processes and their ecological impact. To learn more about how we can help your brand, contact us here.

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