Word of Mouth in the Digital Era

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The digital era has changed how we do business and has created new ways for online word of mouth to be an incredibly valuable and powerful marketing tool. Any dialogue around brands is important, especially when it is worth discussing and reflects positively on a company. Creating a valuable stream of trusted sources that become natural advocates for a product or service starts with close personal contacts.

"According to Nielsen, 92% of recommendations derive from trusted sources in comparison to other advertising strategies."

In order to capitalise on large-scale exposure, businesses need to establish connections that will generate positive impressions through the spread of information resulting in awareness and increased profits.

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is an indispensable strategy that can influence the way people think, feel and act towards your brand. So how can positive interactions be created?

Online Reviews

Online reviews are exceptionally advantageous in building a strong presence by fuelling a conversational buzz that will result in business expansion by reaching a much broader audience.

The digital world is one simple click away, and reviews are what shoppers rely on. A staggering nine out of ten people trust online reviews just as much as personal endorsements. Therefore, these recommendations are direct evidence to the purchaser of ‘digital proof’ and impact the decision-making process as to whether or not consumers will invest and trust in your brand.

If people believe and have a positive interaction, it offers new channels for feedback, opens communication, and the possibility of upselling other products. In addition to this, it enhances visibility.

Product Review is a prime example of how online reviews can benefit publicity. If you are looking to compare building companies, they are perfect. They are a renowned Australian company that encourages consumers to leave opinions on businesses that are Australia owned. These reviews are legitimate as verification is required before leaving any comment.

Online reviews can be risky if it results in negativity. However, dealing with negative feedback offline and promptly is key to transforming people’s opinions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have already built a strong fan base who believe in their credibility that will quickly reach the masses and increase the level of trust in a product or service. People enjoy seeing and listening to a representative endorsing a brand rather than the brand itself.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that marketing to existing customers will lead to gaining more loyal followers and new audiences that will stay.

Motorola, ASOS, and Daniel Wellington are examples of companies that have leveraged successful campaigns using Influencer Marketing. All these companies engaged numerous influencers for branded hashtag campaigns and partnership announcement posts, which increased their revenue.

Influencer Marketing has proven to be one of the fastest ways to foster business growth across social media platforms and is an effective digital marketing technique. Statistics indicate that it is predicted to have a market size of up to $13.8 billion this year alone.

This clearly pinpoints why it is worth utilising and investing in this form of WOMM to accelerate business development.

Expanding Business Growth

Obtaining positive word-of-mouth marketing stems from creating memorable interactions with your brand through a customer-centric approach, and in terms of ROI, it is imperative to business proceeds. We know how to plan for and achieve the goal of business expansion.

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