Workplace branding and why it matters

Tips on how to implement workplace branding to increase corporate culture

When one thinks of brand elements, things that come to mind are logos, business cards, a website or social media. But one’s office space, or workplace, is also an extension of one’s brand and plays an important role in increasing company culture and communicating the business’s philosophy and core values to those customers and suppliers visiting the space. And for those brands playing in the design space, such as architectural or interior design brands, workplace branding is considered to be a crucial marketing tool for any prospective clients visiting the office since it is a live showcase of the brand’s work.

This article will provide some tips on how to implement branding in the workplace.

1. Start by identifying the business’s philosophy, values and culture

A brand identity is built around a business philosophy and values, hence why it is important to understand these first in order for the design to embody them and convey a consistent message.

2. Incorporate brand colours

An easy way to bring your brand to life is by incorporating its brand colours into the interior design, from the walls to the carpets, furniture and other decorative items. A brand’s colour scheme need not be limited to those colours found in the logo but can be extended further to create a sense of harmony.

3. Select furniture and decor pieces that reflect the business philosophy

Pay attention to the furniture and decor as these all play a part in showcasing the business’s philosophy. For example, for those businesses operating in professional industries, the design should reflect this through the use of traditional and sophisticated elements. Whereas, those businesses operating in more creative industries can be more expressive with their furniture and can incorporate fun, modern design elements.

4. Include signage Signage is an effective and affordable interior design element that should be considered when bringing a brand to life in the workplace. It can include a brand logo at reception which serves as an excellent marketing tool, but could also include other elements such as a copy of the brand philosophy, a world map of where the business is located or relevant quotes which all assist in boosting corporate culture.

What a workplace looks and feels like speaks volumes about a corporate culture. All elements should be carefully considered so that they accurately represent the business philosophy and brand identity.

At The Brand Foundry, we are passionate about growing brands through intelligent design and creativity. If workplace branding is something your business needs assistance with, we would love to hear from you.

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